Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brocante shopping in Loire valley

Hello friends

I am still in Loire valley.
Looking for a house to buy.
I 've been driving everywhere where there is a road .

Found some goodies .

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 1 in Paris

I arrived in Paris in the pouring heavy rain. struggling to adjust the jet leg.
I think I am 60 % adjusted to Paris time.

The next day I left to Musee du Louvre. 
It was fine when I left the Apartment.( I am renting an apartment for a week not far from Arc  du triomphe) but it stared rain again so I had to buy an umbrella. I wanted to experience real parisien life. So far so good. I think I can live in Paris, but still prefer to live in Country side of France.

It is easy to take a Metro wherever you go. You can buy 10 tickets at once for discounted price.  My Metro destination was Opera from here I walked forward Louvre, stopped at Pierre Herme which is famous for marcaron, 

The weather was fine most of the day, so I walked and walked.
The map is how far I walked in a day. about 9 km.. I don't like to walk but
Paris is definitely walking city, walking is the only way to view everywhere in Paris.
if you are planning to come to Paris, make sure to bring your most comfortable shoes.

This is the neighborhood of where I am staying. 

The famous Opera .

It was cold and raining but I didn't mind it.

This is the shop front of Pierrer Herme

Tea shop in front of the Louvre.  

the Antique place in front of the Louvre.

Flower shop is wherever in Paris. 

pont neuf. 

Some photo's from Left bank antique shop and galleries.

 I walked toward Eiffel tower - in front of Invalides 
I couldn't make it to Eiffel tower because it started pouring down again after this photo.

on the way to the apartment. 
after all day walking around the Paris. I stopped at supermarket to buy some water and groceries. 

Tomorrow I will be posting , vanves flea market.

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are.

Julie xx

Friday, April 12, 2013

Greeting from Paris

Hello Dear friends
After 3 weeks in seoul , korea .
I arrived in Paris safely , despite of a long long flight . It's cold and raining on and off.

I am planning to post my one month French trip.

Have a wonderful day!

Julie x