Saturday, June 22, 2013

A few more photos of my French House

It's beautiful sunny Saturday in Melbourne , however My mind is wondering how gorgeous my French house would be around this time.

I love peony , but unfortunately we can't plant peony in our garden in Melbourne .

When we looked at the French house with the the Agent, he was so proud to point out that there are a few peonies in the garden.

My French house is set on just little bit of two acres, separate veggie garden and the pasture for horse and all .

I am planning what I will do when I go to France day and night.

Here are some more photos of the house.

Enjoy your weekend

Julie x

This is one of  my favourite spot from the second floor 

A big barn, behind the house, This is my future studio spot.

Looking outside from the main entrance.

This is the view from the entrance to outside.

View from a room upstairs.

Front of the house view from the left side

exterior , need a lot of work around the top floor windows.

A beautiful and dirty pond.. (lol)

Can you guess what this is?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My French House - interiors

I am not a good blogger, I admit it.
It's been so busy with two houses in two different country .

I just booked a flight to go back to France in first week of September. My life at the moment is full of waiting and full of international travelling . I am not complaining but I tell you it involves a lot of arrangements and juggling.

I also need to plan to go to England to get all necessay supplies for the French House renovation. But first pf all , I am giving myself a little treat to stay in Paris before I head down to Loire valley to start the renovation

I will be going to 2013 maison de objets in Paris for 2 days and just wonder around for a few days.

Now you know why , I am keep missing in action on blog land .

Anyways , here are some interior photos of the French house .

Have a great day or night
Wherever you are

Julie x