Friday, March 27, 2009

Ophir Collection is Online

The company where I currently took the consulting project, Ophir Collection is Online. You will find many beautiful product lines and the company can accomodate custom design for any of the product lines. I am so luck to be part of this exciting new company..
Be sure to check out the website..


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Talented Friend..Pure Hokum

I have a friend in California. Kathleen and I met at local craft market many moons ago. We just click..(smile) She is an amazing friend. I miss her and her little princess a lot. She is an artist and what she can do is amazing. Her specialty is custom design.
Looking for a special gift??? Can't find anything??
She can do portrait of house, animal, people, you name it. she can do it. Please take a look at some of her works on dinner plates, functional Art. You know what I meant..

Be sure to visit her blog.. if you have a question regarding her work Please email Kathleen at
I am so proud to be your friend Kathleen.

A few of my favorite things..

I love many things in my life. No complain Here, wonderful supported DH, Darling Princess and messy craftroom.. etc.. etc.. I am composing this post to remind myself how luck I am..(smile) Here are some of the pictures of my favorite things..

My Princess in the middle..(Pink girl.)

Oh.. yes. Girls dresses.. I make them whenever I have time..

Design process..

Fabrics.. and more fabric.. please.

Flowers.. Pink Roses

My Victoria magazine collections..

French Chair, I so love french chairs.

and my old vintage dress form.. she is just beautiful..
I remember ophra is writing a gratitude journal. I shall start mine today..Life never meant to be easy but never meant to be hard either..
Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Upholstery Project..for Who??

I am so into my upholstery class these days, Its so nice to see the transformation of the old chair to new look. My next projext is my DH's old arm chair. I don't know why he likes his old so called " Thinking chair" yes, it look like the one from the blue's clues.

This is the upside down picture of the chair.
Front look like this..
This pic is after the arm's been taken off from the chair
Process of redoing the Arms.

to be continued...
Julie xx

Monday, March 23, 2009

Corners of my house..

It's been almost 9 months since we moved to this property. but I can't believe myself still unpacking stuff.(grrrrr..) I found a few pictures of our house(not home yet..) to show our friends and families overseas..

drive way to the house..

Side Entrance

View from the right of the house

View to the street level from the houseTennis Court(Tennis Anyone??..)

I made duvet cover and Joy's pillow. Beautiful princess dress pillow was made by a very talented lady from

Thank you Kathlyn.Corner of Joy's bedroom

My messy craftroom
Still messy fabric stash...

Patio on the side of the house(no more flowers now)

Kitchen and meal area.

From kitchen over looking my sitting area. (Fire place in the meal area will be replaced with Pot belly wood stove.)

My sitting area (very girly..huh?, This room will soon have a makeover.)

My DH's sitting area

Bedroom drawers..

My bedroom.(couldn't go girly except the ottoman., thanks to my DH)

Corner of DH's home office..
I am still doing the guest room, formal dining room, two bathroom remodeling, and of course the Kitchen makeover..... too many things to do.. not enough time.. Sometimes I wonder, it will be easy to move to a place where everything is renovated.. We didn't particulary like the house that much but the area.. Hopefully one day all will be finished..


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Artist..

My little princess, who is 8 years new, is an Artist. She loves to draw Manga(Japanese comic). I learned Japanese to just read Manga when I was in secondary College. My little princess wants to learn Japanese so she can read more manga hon(comic book). She drew this picture with color pencils this weekend. I am a proud mum so I had to show to the world..

by Joy 2009
Julie xx

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Show and Tell..

Hooray~~, I finished it.. oh. yes. I did.. It took me 6 weeks of 2hours of hard working.. My old chair is now wearing a haute couture..



My working space at uphostery school.

My teacher is showing me what to do..

I have to tell you about Mr. Guido.. He is amazing, Master Uphosterer from Italy. He started his career when he was 15 years old. He is 70 years old now so do the math, yes, 65 years that how long he's been in same business. Actually Mr. Guido is a teacher of my current teachter Mr. Rob who was absent on the day I was finishing off my project. I was so honor to get tricks of trade from the Master. Lucky me..

My next project.. My DH's super, mega old Arm Chair..



Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain Rain Come again..

We had a good rain today here in Melbourne. I was so so happy to see rain today, I never was a big fan of rain when we were in sunny California.
I love sunshine.. Its been almost 18 months since we moved from CA. Its very different life style here in Australia. We loved our beautiful little over an ACRE lot house here until we realized that there were so much work to do around the garden. Especially with water restriction here in Australia. I never had to worry about watering the garden in CA. never heard of water restriction.
Using the Sprinkler to water the garden is not permitted here.. grrrrrrrr
That's how I get to love Rainy day.. yes, I am loving rainy day.. However, our Fern garden next to the house is now totally gone with over 40 degree heat not long ago. We've been cleaning out the dead ferns over the weekend..

No more ferns left. All gone. its very sad.

No more green .. all very very brown at the moment.
I can't dare to take pics.. because its so sad looking now.
All gone..

We hope to see more rain soon.. or else.. I love to keep garden as pretty as it can be while we are here in Australia..because we want to keep the house here when we move back to US.. I sort of miss California.. but getting used to living in downunder too..


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Project.. Here I come..

I mentioned in my previous posting I am doing something new from Feb. It is time to reveal what I am up to.. a part from my usual stuff. I love fabrics..They are so pretty to just look at but when you use them to create something its more prettier. I wanted to design my own fabric line, but I thought it was too big of Job to do that.. so I wanted to learn to screen print some of my designs which didn't happen yet.. but I know one day.. It will definitely happen..
Meanwhile, I got so lucky to work with textile company..doing and learning a lot of things.. They are setting up the branch office in Melbourne currently. I get to look at and feel the fabrics and wallcovering and trimmings all day long..(couldnt get better than this..). This is the blog I created for the company..
Ophir International is your one stop source for Fabrics, Trimmings and wall coverings. Here are some photos of their current product Lines..

I will update you more ... soon..

Julie xx