Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Photos..

I am sorting my pictures from my trip finally. I went to Seoul and Singapore. Seoul is one of the busiest city in South east Asia. I was born in Seoul and moved to US and now living in Melbourne. My little girl loves to go to Seoul since she can buy a lot of cute stuff at very good price. She brought a box full of stationary and books. I didn't get to shop much since I am going back to Seoul in 6 months time to attend my cousin's wedding.


There are millions of shop everywhere , I managed to find this shop which sells French reproduction furnitures..

I really like the lamps

Fushion Korean furnitures.(??)

I will organize the photos and show you more over the weekend..
Have a great day and weekend!!
Julie xx

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I want this..

It's been so cold in Melbourne, especially after spending a month in both Seoul and Singapore. I've been dreaming of somewhere warm, perhaps South of France somewhere...???? I did some property search on the net and found this.. Isn't that pretty? You could buy this mansion for
€ 384.000.(648.721 AUD or 558.752 USD). This gorgeous mansion need a lot of work according to the site, but it will be a great place to have friends and family come over and stay and have a party or two.(smile) Just a morning dreaming!!

I have so many clicks on my blog yesterday and discovered more great blogs, thanks to Julie(yes, we have a same name) from If you don't know her yet, please please go over to her blog and say her , Julie(in Sydney) .. you have open invitation to stay at this little mansion if we ever buy it.(smile)

Have a great day!!
Julie xx

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You might be a francophile if ...

It's a cold spring day in Downunder. (brrrrrrrrr..)
I've been asking my DH if we can move somewhere warm all year around..(smile)
I can't do much when the weather is cold.. Now you all know why I am so quiet these days..(sigh~).

I found out that I have a relative in Paris.. that's so cool. I should pay them a visit soon.
While I was browsing the net I came accorss and found this title..

You might be a francophile if.....

photo from

You might be a francophile if ...
You constantly speak French... more French than English. You always dream of living in a french speaking country especially France. You're always thinking of marrying a french guy and having french kids. You adore la musique de francais. You're always enthusiastic when it comes to learning something in french. You love to meet French people. You live in the Caribbean but you frequently call unknown people in France just to have a chat. You speak to everyone in french whether they understand or not. There are also instances when you give up friends just to study french. There's so much more that I do but it seems just too much to mention. A bientot..
so... What do you think??
When do you thinnk you might be a francophile???
Julie xx

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday & Wonderful Weekend.

I am slowly recovering from a month long trip.. (smile) . Just wanted to wish everyone " Happy Friday and Wonderful weekend"

photo by Julie

Have a seat and enjoy the beautiful orchids!!

Julie xx