Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday & Wonderful Weekend.

I am slowly recovering from a month long trip.. (smile) . Just wanted to wish everyone " Happy Friday and Wonderful weekend"

photo by Julie

Have a seat and enjoy the beautiful orchids!!

Julie xx


Fabulously french said...

Hi Julie,

Love the photo. Hope that you have a fabulous weekend.

Leeann x

Lee said...

Hey Julie, great to hear from you! Hope you have a lovely weekend, and maybe we'll be lucky here in Melbourne and a bit of Spring sunshine will come our way. Lee :)

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Happy Friday to you too Julie. Great to have you back. Gorgeous orchids. Have a great weekend. x Julie

Jacqueline said...

Happy Friday and Wonderful Weekend to you too, Juie....looking forward to hearing about your trip.
The orchids are beautiful. XXXX

A-M said...

Just beautiful. My favourite colour too! A-M xx

cate said...

I hope you have had the most wonderful time away & I agree the Orchids are gorgeous...enjoy the weekend :) Cate

French-Kissed said...


So happy you found me so I could find you! Spent some time getting acquainted with your wonderful blog, but I will definitely be back and want to explore all those posts I missed. I love the bed makeover you did for your guest room...looks like you are starting a new business with fabrics ~ I adore textiles. Best of luck with the new shop. Thanks for letting me know you stopped by.


Aimee said...

Beautiful picture!

Beach Vintage said...

Lovely flowers, found you through Being Ruby. Happy Friday and happy week ahead!