Monday, June 30, 2014

Finally, we can see the front of the house

It's been 3 months and 2 weeks , I am finally back home in Melbourne. It's cold and raining , normal winter day. 

My french house has so many trees every where, the previous owner didn't like to trim the trees and the house was empty for almost 6 years before we purchased.

The renovation started from last year November. 
The house is getting total make over at the moment.

There was a two tree in front of the house which impossible to see the front of the house.
My hubby and I decided to cut the trees so we could have more light in the living room and dining room. It was a good decision as a matter of fact.

This is the old photos of the house . the photo must be taken a long time ago.

This is the photos of over grown trees in front of the house.
Mr. Vincent, our care taker for the garden, is cutting the trees.

One down and one more to go

We had to use heavy machinery to dig out the huge roots.

It's much better without the tree. 

Now, I can clearly see the house from the garden.

I am going back to France in September to finish the renovation. It is good to be home but Can't wait to go back. I miss my house in France.

Have a wonderful day where ever you are 

Julie xx

Monday, June 9, 2014

Shopping Therapy in France

It's been a very very long I went shopping . I love all thing about French especially old object's.
I now discovered a few antique shops around my house. I also met lovely Karen who is the owner of amazing French Shabby chic shop. She is just amazing. I doodle of everything in her shop.

Just look at the shop ( not so very good photo , sorry Karen . I will take better one next time ) 

She is in the Antique mall kind of setting . 

I bought a few items from Joel , owner of the Antique shop, but I do not have the photos. They will be delivered to my house sometime next week. Meantime, I do need to do more cleaning up. ( sigh~ ) 

Here is the some items I purchased from other shop.

Now, I have collected 3 original French vintage Mannequin.. ( hooray ~ ) but am still look out for more.

Tomorrow is a big shopping day with Fabien ( Temoprary French assistant ).

A bientot 
Julie xx