Monday, June 9, 2014

Shopping Therapy in France

It's been a very very long I went shopping . I love all thing about French especially old object's.
I now discovered a few antique shops around my house. I also met lovely Karen who is the owner of amazing French Shabby chic shop. She is just amazing. I doodle of everything in her shop.

Just look at the shop ( not so very good photo , sorry Karen . I will take better one next time ) 

She is in the Antique mall kind of setting . 

I bought a few items from Joel , owner of the Antique shop, but I do not have the photos. They will be delivered to my house sometime next week. Meantime, I do need to do more cleaning up. ( sigh~ ) 

Here is the some items I purchased from other shop.

Now, I have collected 3 original French vintage Mannequin.. ( hooray ~ ) but am still look out for more.

Tomorrow is a big shopping day with Fabien ( Temoprary French assistant ).

A bientot 
Julie xx

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Anonymous said...

hi julie hope your well , you have been working so hard but the hard work will pay off when you look back at what you have achieved in this big beautiful project of your . Take care see you one day , reards ros xxx