Friday, February 14, 2014

French Antique Shopping

French Antique is something I am very passionate about. I don't know why I am love old, not perfect and previously loved objects.

I don't know what's around my little french village yet but found some antique shop near the village.

I wish I could buy whole store but just have to look at them and admire them for a while.

Have a good day wherever you are.

Julie x

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Little French village near my house

Wow, it's already February.
I will be leaving to France middle of next month.

I left my heart in France, no wonder I am not doing well (lol)

I love the architecture of Maison de Maitre (Master's House ) , most of this kind of house is in the centre of the village. We were lucky to find our house in a quite setting.  My house is sort of middle of nowhere that's why we love it more.

Here is the village where I buy my baguette and butter.
This little village has everything I need.

I can't wait to pay a visit.

Bonne Journee.

Julie xx

Yes, there is a spa.

 This is where I get my coffee.

Pharmacy,  and supper market. bank.

There are two Boulanger, but this one is the famous one.

I like this one, they make really good sandwitch

Yes, Pizzeria

This is the town hall. the most beautiful building in the village, I think.