Friday, May 17, 2013

My French House - Dream came true.

I just came back from my 2 months trip to Korea and France.
I loved my recent french trip you will know why shortly.

France is a great place for shopping as you all know, but I am not interested in beautiful clothes or shoes. I am interested in old French Chateau, French Farm house and Maison de Maitre.

My dream is to live in France before I die ( LOL).

My trip to France this time was  for " House hunting " My family and I spent whole month to look for a house. I was determined to find a chateau but after we learn what to expect having a chateau from a close friend in France, A Chateau was off the list,so I was looking for a farm house or Maison de Maitre.

I am proudly announced that I found the house I love to live in beautiful Loire valley. We signed the contract ( Yes, we will be a new owner of the house as soon as everything finalized)  Unfortunately, My family won't use as a main resident for a while. There will be many flying between France and Australia for next 5 years. Meantime we will be using as a holiday home and holiday renting once house is renovated. I left my heart in this beautiful Country Maison.

I will be  posting  more about my dream home in Loire valley in France in the future.

Here is the overview on the house.

It was built in 1850 .
Maison de Maitre . ( A Master's House)
Located in Pays de la Loire.

6 bed rooms,
Formal Living room,
Formal Dining room,
2 bathrooms.
Chapel (but unfortunately, the chapel was donated to a local church so we don't own it even though it is in our garden)

and two out buildings, all set in little over 2 acres.

The house need a renovation and a lot of painting to do, but I am willing to do whatever it takes.

Here are some photos of my French House.

 Previous owner has a photo of the house. I guess it was taken a long time ago.

the trees next to the house is now taller than the house itself.

Welcome to My House. 
The Grand Gate.
Once we are inside the gate, you will have a very private surrounding.

This is the back of the house.
I like the back of the house more than the front of the house. don't get me wrong, the front of the house is as beautiful as the back of the house.

Can you see the car on the left hand side of the house?
you can judge how big and tall is the house. (smile)

This photo was taken our first visit with a Realtor followed by my hubby and a little princess.

Entrance to the house.

Ground floor hallway.
Look at that beautiful tile floor!!

This is a living room on the ground floor.
I felt in love with the fire place.
Yes, I bought the house because of the beautiful fire place that is 163 years old. (lol)

The house is not very visible when you drive the circular driveway to the front because of the big trees in front of the house.(I see a lot of trimming to do)

A lot of gardening to do. 
There are small pond which need a big cleaning job.
but I can imagine it will be gorgeous after the cleaning up.
Can you imagine water lilies and koi fish in that pond?

This is the corner of the Kitchen which need a total renovation.
New cabinets, new plumbing, new everything. 

I will keep update on the house.   A lot of paper work to do before we get the key to the house. I can't wait for my next trip back to the house. 

Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are

Julie xx