Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain Rain Come again..

We had a good rain today here in Melbourne. I was so so happy to see rain today, I never was a big fan of rain when we were in sunny California.
I love sunshine.. Its been almost 18 months since we moved from CA. Its very different life style here in Australia. We loved our beautiful little over an ACRE lot house here until we realized that there were so much work to do around the garden. Especially with water restriction here in Australia. I never had to worry about watering the garden in CA. never heard of water restriction.
Using the Sprinkler to water the garden is not permitted here.. grrrrrrrr
That's how I get to love Rainy day.. yes, I am loving rainy day.. However, our Fern garden next to the house is now totally gone with over 40 degree heat not long ago. We've been cleaning out the dead ferns over the weekend..

No more ferns left. All gone. its very sad.

No more green .. all very very brown at the moment.
I can't dare to take pics.. because its so sad looking now.
All gone..

We hope to see more rain soon.. or else.. I love to keep garden as pretty as it can be while we are here in Australia..because we want to keep the house here when we move back to US.. I sort of miss California.. but getting used to living in downunder too..


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tania said...

Hi Julie,
Thank you so much for your sweet com on my blog !I discover now your's, en it's intersting to to know how you feel in Australia while you come from CA !here in france we have also water restrictions so I understand you !!!have a nice day !