Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day Trip

Yesterday was the last day of Easter holiday. We just went out and drove away from home.First destination was Ballarat, about 1.5 hours from Melbourne. I've never been to Ballarat so it was interesting to see what was around.

We had a quick bite in Ballarat and head off to Daylesford, on the way to Daylesford we stopped at Newlyn just because I spotted a small Antique shop and a barn full of old furnitures.

It was very cute nice Antique shop fill with old signs, tea cups, wood working stuff and more and the barn full of " Please take home and fix me" Furnitures
were very interesting and found some pieces I don't mind taking home.

Finally we arrived at Daylesford, main street where we had afternoon tea and walked around. I found very cute and interesting vintage store called " Junk Style " while walking along the Vincent street. Colorful Dressform was eye catching, when I went to upstairs it was a piece of Haven on earth for the Vintage Chic lovers.

Daylesford lake was very small and beautiful. It was a very short day trip since we left home quite late. I am sure I will be going back sometime soon.

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