Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am dreaming of....

I love to read Interior magazines and Books, At Lintons there were so many books I wanted to buy. However I still have some difficulty ajusting prices between US and Downunder especially Books. I miss Amazon so very much. and I regret that I left most of my interior decorating books in CA(sigh~) Here are my lists of books I want to get.

x Julie


Jenny said...

Oh I know how you feel Julie, I LOVE interior design books and it is so hard here in Oz, if we buy them here they cost a fortune, but if we get them cheaper from the States or through Amazon (where they still come from the US) they charge a fortune in shipping because they weigh so much!

Chic Little Shop said...

Hi Jenny
Yes, yes, You are absolutely correct.(smile)

x Julie