Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I envy my honey

Hello ladies. How was your weekend?
Mine was busy as usual, little trip to the hair salon and packing a suite case for my hubby for his business & a very special trip.
 Can you guess where he is now?

This place is where he will be until this Friday.

This is where he will go for a very special trip.
 I have a big announce to make soon.

He will be staying here for ONE night

I ever so envy my hubby.
What a gorgeous place to stay!!

I wish to be here with my hubby

images from maison 20

Hope you all having a wonderful day.

Julie xx


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Very exciting dear Julie... and is Maison 20 the apartments belonging to Leeann? it looks lovely.. as does the town..

have a temporary internet connection.. must get something more permanent!! have a lovely week xxx Julie

theoldboathouse said...

Oh Julie, surely he could have squeezed you in his suitcase? I bet he will bring you something lovely and while he is away it is the perfect time to do all the catching up with your girlfriends, cheers katherine

Anonymous said...

He's going to France ... lucky him! You should have gone with him!


Fabulously french said...

Wish that you were coming with him Julie :-)

There will be other trips I am sure.

Bisous L

p.s your hair looks fab!

Jill said...

Well he is a very lucky man - and I am sure he thinks so too! Have a lovely week doing lots of girlie things and looking forward to his return!
hugs Jill

Mrs. Sutton said...

What a beautiful place - lucky hubby, but I bet he'd feel luckier if you were there to enjoy it with him! Looking forward to hearing your big announcement - VERY exciting! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, he is the lucky man! Hope he takes lots of pictures!!!