Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Good bye Paris, Seoul & Hello Melbourne.

Hello my blog land friends, I am back home after 31 days of jet setting, driving here and there.

My little princess and I left Melbourne to Seoul on 15 Sept, on the way to France.
It was a great to stop over in Seoul, caught up with friends  and rest some before our journey to France. I met up with my DH in Paris and our journey begun.

We were in Paris for 4 days before we left to Loire valley country side with a big mission.
I will share with you all.

We  My Hubby drove almost 3000 km in 14 days. That's pretty good use of rental car, don't you think?

I just returned yesterday. I missed my home, sweet home but I already miss France and Korea.  I saw a lot, I experienced a lot. I am so inspired & fully recharged .  I will be blogging about my french & Korea trip.

Please come and join me.

Julie x


Deanne Langford said...

welcome back, looking forward to hearing about your trip!

Delana@dujour said...

It was great fun to meet you in Paris, Julie. What a wonderful chance. The pillow you gave me is sitting on my couch looking very regal. Thank you so much for taking the time. I'll see you next time, okay?

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