Monday, November 24, 2008

Sneak Preview

Where all the time goes.. nothing special happening in our little castle lately, except my DH made my fabric shelving system. I've been unpacking the boxes as you all know. I desperately needed some kind of housing for my fabric collections.. It looks pretty good,(minus the messy part) don't you think? I will need to re-arrange all the stuff after the unpacking is done. I am kind of worry that this shelving system is not big enough to organize everything.. (sigh~)

I have so so much stuff according to my little princess and DH..(hahaha) but I always have a room for fabrics and etc..



AnastasiaC said...

Hi Julie
thanks for visitng my blog - yours is lovely too...great stash of pretty fabrics!!!

Shabby Vintage dreams said...

Looks great Julie, all the fabric's are super pretty!! bet it makes life easier being able to grab and see them all!! well done to hubby!!

our shabby cottage said...

Hi Julie - found you. Love your blog! Can your DH come over and contruct some of those shelves for me too - they look great! I love the way your gorgeous fabric looks in them. So glad I found you and I see Mandii (Shabby Vintage Dreams)is a visitor too!

Penelope said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for the follow...
Love your fabrics! Look forward to viewing your creations.
The Playlist is a wonderful idea...just added one to my blog