Monday, April 6, 2009

Furniture Shopping~~

I finally downloaded the pictures from day out with my sister in law.. She has a great taste.. of course living in over 100 years old English mansion(smile), having a size of our bedroom as her closet!. She took me one of her favorite Furniture store in Richmond, called Momu. Their theme is " Blend Asian antique with French baroque ".

Here is my sis in law, dreaming of having white couch..

She is still thinking...

such a simple piece of sofa with fabric screen..

Very white lounge setting..
many of the sofas were covered with Belgian Linen !
I am in love wih Belgian Linen...
Very interesting Desk made with leather.
"Style may be individual but taste and refinement are eternal"
by Momu..
We are having a lot of rain lately, which is just perfect.. my garden is becoming green again..

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