Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holiday at the Tudor-style mansion

Its been a long holiday, finally we are back to our normal life whatever that is..(smile) but still hearing "mommy, I am bored" every single minute.. We had a wonderful time with our family over the easter break.. My sister-in- law lives in this old Tudor style mansion.. She and her DH bought this mansion 5 years ago and beautifully restored. Its a beautiful house with a lot of characters. let me take you thru the house..

This is the back of the house which they use this area for breakfast .. etc..

This is the sort of front of the house.

I love this fountain..

We were all hungry. just appitiser..

Max the dog..

Joy is playing with Max.. Max is almost as big as Joy..

Gethering at the Kitchen..

Here is the Kitchen with Noone..

Family room.

Great room.

Corner of the great room.

Part of garden..

Side of the house.

side of the house

Swimming pool

Pretty big house with only 10 Acres..(smile), We love to visit them on occassion. There is always a lot of yummy foods, laugher, talks, and great time.. They are the best host in town.
Hope everyone had a great holidays.!!

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Lee said...

What a beautiful, beautiful Tudor style home your sister and her husband have - the surrounding gardens are lovely too. No wonder you love visiting - it's very inspirational. Lee :)