Tuesday, April 28, 2009

corner of my livingroom.

My current livingroom. I made all the cushion covers to match the French Chair I have reupholstered not long ago. I think its time to change the dresses of my 3 girls at the corner..

Little shabby chest of drawers with some china collection.
opposite site of the room.

Side view of the dresser..
with a glimps of the fire place..
Other corner of the room. Now I own two vintage mannequin..
This is my first one and the glimps of my Josephine Chair.
It's very cold and rainy day in Melbourne, trying to keep warm inside of the house.
Hope everyone is having a great day!!
x Julie

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Corner of my Kitchen..

Its a very cold sunday here in Melbourne. I was looking for something to do.. Recently I was inspired by open approach in the kitchen area and The kitchen renovation is always on my mind and still figuring out what to do.. but meanwhile I brought the hutch to my kitchen and the result is..

Before the hutch..

After the hutch.. voila~~



After the rain..

It was raining most of yesterday. I love rainy day just for my garden.
This morning I went outside and found some beautiful flowers..

Lavender garden.

This is second bouganvilla bloom in this year.

This rose is just amazing and smell so good, I wish I could send you smell..

Red is so pretty too.

Angel under the tree

Have a happy weekend!!
x Julie

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Once, twice and Gone..

I went to live auction on the weekend near my house. There were so many things to look at and so many people. It was my first time participating the live auction. boy!! I had so much fun. Look what I brought home..
Vintage mannequin. She was actually wearing a beautiful dress.

Here is the pair of french lady print. They are so adorable
Paragon cake dish and trio tea cups.

Vintage gold framed mirror.

Old English hat in a hat box.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holiday at the Tudor-style mansion

Its been a long holiday, finally we are back to our normal life whatever that is..(smile) but still hearing "mommy, I am bored" every single minute.. We had a wonderful time with our family over the easter break.. My sister-in- law lives in this old Tudor style mansion.. She and her DH bought this mansion 5 years ago and beautifully restored. Its a beautiful house with a lot of characters. let me take you thru the house..

This is the back of the house which they use this area for breakfast .. etc..

This is the sort of front of the house.

I love this fountain..

We were all hungry. just appitiser..

Max the dog..

Joy is playing with Max.. Max is almost as big as Joy..

Gethering at the Kitchen..

Here is the Kitchen with Noone..

Family room.

Great room.

Corner of the great room.

Part of garden..

Side of the house.

side of the house

Swimming pool

Pretty big house with only 10 Acres..(smile), We love to visit them on occassion. There is always a lot of yummy foods, laugher, talks, and great time.. They are the best host in town.
Hope everyone had a great holidays.!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Retreat Anyone??

I would love to have a house near the ocean. I, time to time, look for a place on the online real estate site. I found this gorgeous property, happen to be boutique accommodation, It consists of 4 bedrooms,Three bathrooms, Formal Lounge, Two Living Areas, Formal Dining, Private Study, Gourmet Kitchen, Indoor BBQ kitchen plus outdoor BBQ area, Sunroom, Balcony, Swimming Pool, Patio, Separate Sauna and bathroom, Magnificent Gardens Swan Bay & Port Phillip Bay Views, Pool room comprising of full bathroom, sauna and pool, kitchen. It originally built in 1865 for Rev Henry J Wilkinson as the parsonage to the adjoining St Georges Church in Queenscliff. Looks like you can rent this whole house to yourself..

Love this entrance..
very neat and clean back yard?

Great al fresco area.. uhmm.

One of the bed room, love french decor

Sunroom with a lot of french doors..

I don't think anybody cooks here..(smile)

Dining room.

Living room

images from The Vicarage
Okay, I need to talk to my DH if we could sell our house and move to Vicarage..maybe too far away to his office.. darn it! I always loved old house with a histroy.. maybe someday we could move to one somewhere..

Monday, April 6, 2009

Furniture Shopping~~

I finally downloaded the pictures from day out with my sister in law.. She has a great taste.. of course living in over 100 years old English mansion(smile), having a size of our bedroom as her closet!. She took me one of her favorite Furniture store in Richmond, called Momu. Their theme is " Blend Asian antique with French baroque ".

Here is my sis in law, dreaming of having white couch..

She is still thinking...

such a simple piece of sofa with fabric screen..

Very white lounge setting..
many of the sofas were covered with Belgian Linen !
I am in love wih Belgian Linen...
Very interesting Desk made with leather.
"Style may be individual but taste and refinement are eternal"
by Momu..
We are having a lot of rain lately, which is just perfect.. my garden is becoming green again..

Friday, April 3, 2009

27 Ways to Go Out of Your Mind

I subscribe Depak Chopra's news letter time to time I find an interesting article. Things always happening for a reason... Time for me to get back to my meditation ritual which have forgotten for a while..

Below is from the Newsletter.. Enjoy and have a great Weekend!!

Pause for a moment, close your eyes, and become aware of what’s happening in your mind. You’ll notice that you are engaged in a perpetual internal dialogue, interpreting and evaluating what has happened, is happening, or might happen to you.

The mind has an astonishing capacity to hop from one idea to the next, and most people have an average of 60,000 thoughts each day. About 59,000 of these thoughts, however, are the same ones we had yesterday. We think and do things repeatedly, and then we wonder why it’s so difficult to create something new in our lives.

What is the alternative? Become intimate with the silent spaces between your thoughts. Beneath the mind’s noisy surface lies the domain of consciousness that gives rise to the judgments in your mind and the molecules in your body. We experience this field of pure awareness when we meditate, see a rainbow, hear an awe-inspiring piece of music, feel ecstatic love, taste a delicious food, or breathe in a beautiful scent. Whenever we have an experience beyond words –whenever we go out of our minds – we touch the unlimited dimension of our being and open ourselves to new and creative possibilities.

27 Ways to Go Out of Your Mind

1. Invite someone new out to lunch.
2. Take a break from TV and radio news for at least a week, detaching from the mass consciousness of fear.
3. Find inspiration. Visit http://www.darynkagan.com/ for stories about the good things that are happening in the world.
4. Make a list of everything you would try if you weren’t afraid – and then do one thing on that list.
5. Try Nadi Shodhana or channel clearing breathing. Learn how here.
6. Take an improvisational acting class.
7. Practice chakra tuning.
8. Explore your sense of touch. Dig your toes into the earth. Luxuriate in a hot shower. Caress your loved ones.
9. Close your eyes and say to yourself, I wonder what my next thought will be – and notice what happens.
10. Keep a gratitude journal, writing down everything you’re grateful for at the end or beginning of each day.
11. Wear your watch on the other wrist – or don’t wear one at all.
12. Eat a meal in complete silence – notice what happens when you’re not distracted by conversations, TV, reading, or other diversions.
13. Listen to a guided meditation on opening to change.
14. Lie on your back and watch the clouds.
15. Put on your favorite music and dance.
16. Write a letter to yourself in your non-dominant hand.
17. Follow a bird.
18. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in years.
19. Tickle somebody.
20. Take a walk a really notice what’s around you. Pretend you’re an artist and notice the colors and textures you’d include in your painting.
21. Eat something you’ve never tried before or try combining foods in new ways.
22. Watch old Marx Brothers movies.
23. Plant new flowers in your garden.
24. Read a magazine on a topic you’ve never explored.
25. Spend time with children, who are naturally playful and open. Let yourself be silly and play.
26. Wear new colors.
27. Change your opinion about something or someone.
Have a great day!