Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping & shopping

I am currently travelling Seoul, Korea. Visiting family and friends.. I love shopping in Korea. There are many many places to go for anything you desire. Yes, anything.. the best part of shopping in Korea is the great price. I went to very tradtional Korean fabrics and materials market. Its called " Dong Dae Moon Market" Dong dae moon means the gate in East. In order to get into heart of seoul you must enter one of 4 gates in old day.

This is Dong Dae Moon (East Gate)
it is still there but you don't have to enter to get into Seoul anymore. Its just there like a old building.

Dong dae moon market is famous for Fabrics and all kinds of materials.
high rise building full of small stores which sells everything.
this is the part of material market. I wish we have something like that
in Melbourne..

I have 1 more week before I return to cold Melbourne. (sigh~)
Julie xx


Jacqueline said...

Oh Julie,
I would be in heaven in that shop.
Look at all that lace and ribbon. Absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the rest of your time away. XXXX

shabbydreaming said...

WOWZERS!! look at all the ribbons!! OMG are you in heaven or what!!

Kerry said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Julie and letting me know you stopped by!
It would be fabulous to have a market like this in Melbourne wouldn't it. Welcome back to the cold!

Fabulously french said...

Welcome back, we have missed you

Love the ribbons and have a feeling that they are a lot cheaper than here.....

A tres bientot mon ami,

Leeann x