Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Korean Palace - Kyungbok Place

Whenver I visit Korea, I am like a total tourist. i love to visit old Korean places. I've been many many times while I was growing up in Seoul but I still love to visit whenever I have a change. Here are some pictures of one of beautiful Korean place called " Kyungbok Palace"

Kyungbok Palace was built in 1394, the third year of the Choson Dynasty. Kunjongjon, the largest and most impressive building in the palace, served as the throne room and audience hall. Kyonghoeru, a spacious two story pavilion, overlooks a picturesque man-made pond just northwest of the throne hall. It served as feasting hall for gatherings of royal ministers and diplomats. Hyangwonjong, a secluded pavilion nestled in the middle of a lotus pond at the northern end of the palace complex, is where the royal family could enjoy special private occasions. The Kyongbokkung Palace grounds also contain a 10-story stone pogoda from Kyongch'onsa Temple, one of the most beautiful stone structures in Korea.

You can see the photo of King and the Queen's dress behind me.

King's Seat

Little gazabo in the middle of the pond

Main building in the palace


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Julie,

It was lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting mine.
I enjoyed seeing your photos of the Korean Palace, how lovely.
I have been to Hong Kong, but not Korea.

Have a great week

LuluD said...

Hi Julie,

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your sweet comment. Your blog and shop are gorgeous! (BTW, I don't know if you can get these where you live, but there are internet sites that track Estate sales in my area and send me e-mails with photos.) Have a great day!