Sunday, July 4, 2010

National Folk Museum of Korea

I so miss Seoul..
Finally, I am awake from daydreaming, back into reality..
I left Korea about 20 years ago, everytime I go back things changed..
I never pay attention to old Korean stuff but this trip I went to National Folk Museum of Korea, It reminded me my grandmother and my mother's goodies which they no longer have.. How sad!
People like new and fancy stuff thesedays.
Not me. I love old vintage, antique.. I wonder why!!

Wish you happy Sunday!

Julie xx

my hubby is in the pictures..guess where he is..

I took this picture so my hubby can use as the reference.
He so wants to make his own oneday.

Some cute old building used as a gazabo in old days.

Korean writing.

This is an old Korean style House, It is very hard to find
a house like this these days. All replaced by high-rises.

Korean wedding cabinet or cabinet, My mom used have this
until a couple of years ago and she got rid of it.. silly mommy.
I would love to have this in my house.

Korean traditional dress called " Hanbok" I wore this when I was a little girl during
Korean holidays. My little girl now have one silmilar..

This is a typical old Korean bedroom.

I love these colorful silk embroidered accessories, I think
these were for the decorating the women's clothes.

The famouse Korean pottery called " Chung-ja" (blue pottery)
and Baek-ja(white pottery)

I have millions photos from my recent trip to Korea. I will have to get busy to post them all.
Stay tuned for next interesting photos.
Julie xx

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Lee said...

Hi Julie...what a fabulous snapshot of Korean history! Thanks for sharing. Lee :)