Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't envy me please.

I need to show and tell today. My lovely blog friend Julie @beignruby sent me these gorgeous photos.   I wish I could capture beautiful things in life like her. I quickly put them in my brown picture frame. They look amazing. Now I have to find a spot to display them in my house. 

Thank you Julie for the wonderful gift. I will cherish them with all my heart. By the way, Should I get the white frame? or Is brown frame okay for these beauties?

Julie xx


theoldboathouse said...

Ooh lucky you....I am trying very hard not to envy you haha. They are stunning! I think they look perfect in the frames you have, the rich colours look beautiful. That Julie is just one super talented gal....or maybe she is a broad or a dame haha....( what do you think julie ruby ha ha) she is such a sweetie and I bet she loved giving them to you as much as you loved recieving them, she is a treasure that one, cheers Katherine xx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

HI Julie
Thanks so much for your kind words... I'm so glad you like them.... I know it's hard to decide what colour frame to choose .. maybe white.... but great you had some frames the perfect size!! fabulous!!!

Sorry about the rush wrapping job!!! xxx Julie

* French Farmhouse 425 * said...

~*Very pretty~* How did your hair turn out?did you end up getting the perm? ;)Rachel~*

Chic Little Shop said...

Thank you for your comments

Katherine: Julie(aka Ruby) is a wonderful, lovely, talented friend. She is just amazing. I am so lucky to be friend with her.

Julie(Ruby): Thank you so so so very much. Don't they look gorgeous in my perfect little brown frame. I am thinking getting or painting the frame white.

Rachel: My hair appointment is next week. I will let you know soon. (lol)