Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea party, Anyone?

We are having one of those crazy weather in Melbourne. Raining one minute and Sunshine the next. It's been like that all morning, finally sun just came out. I have millions things to do but can't be bothered. I wish to have a high tea party at my mad house (smile) Anyone care to join me?

Hope you day is going well wherever you are.

Julie xx

image from we heart it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Don't envy me please.

I need to show and tell today. My lovely blog friend Julie @beignruby sent me these gorgeous photos.   I wish I could capture beautiful things in life like her. I quickly put them in my brown picture frame. They look amazing. Now I have to find a spot to display them in my house. 

Thank you Julie for the wonderful gift. I will cherish them with all my heart. By the way, Should I get the white frame? or Is brown frame okay for these beauties?

Julie xx

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Hair Style

I used to have a very long straight hair. Washing hair and drying takes so much effort as I am getting older(sigh~) . I had my hair cut short as all older women seem to do with they hairs. Now I want do have a bit of change. I just talked to my hairdresser about it, Looks like I am getting a little perm like Lucy Liu in the picture. She is really pretty, don't you think? Some said I looked like her  even though I don't agree with them. (lol). I shall take a break from my messy house and get over to Hair Salon for pamper soon.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Juie xx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I NEED your Help - Dreaming of white living room

I am not dreaming of white Christmas, haven't seen White Christmas almost  20 years. But what I am dreaming of is WHITE LIVING ROOM. I love French Lounge set, but at the moment, They are very eye sore in my house since I am trying to neturalize color of my house. Not to mention, my hubby thinks its too red. I found this inspirational photo. I wouldn't mind this design, minus that Rug and the coffee table. 

Please help!!!! Please let me know if you have a great idea or link you can send to help me with my new white living room .

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Julie xx

image from Southern living.

This is my current girly living room. I am lucky enough to have my own living room where non of my family comes over. They think its too red and girly.. 
Here is my layout of the living room.

My favorite Original French Iron Day bed and a Mannequin.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Featured in Handmade and Fabulous

I am so excited to learned that one of the fabulous blogger from " Handmade and Fabulous" is coming to Australia. She featured my little Melbourne tram roll cushion cover in the blog. Check it out. I am so happy that people from all over the world is looking at my little creation.

Thank you susie, Have a wonderful trip !

Julie xx

Guestroom makeover

I've been busy moving furnitures around, My little girl once had a queen bed but I got rid of it to give her more space in her little room with millions of stuff. Now she wants her queen bed back so I had to think about something creative. I moved our guestroom bed ,which I painted white a long time ago. to my little girl who wants a big bed.

I didn't want to spend too much $$ so I got this brass bed from a friend who don't want it anymore. Lucky me. I am not a big fan of brass bed but this will have to do for the time being. Still need to accessorized.
Here is the preview of our guestroom .

What do you think? If you have creative idea please help me.

Julie xx

This was our original simply guest room before.

Guestroom Now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Console makeover.

I love everything white. I score this gorgeous console table a long long time ago from local auction. I just loved the shape of it. It came home with me along with the matching mirror. I did right sanding and some spay paint.. I have my white console table..
What do you think?

Have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Julie xx

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Madness!

My Life is currently mad, crazy, busy but most of all HAPPY. We are having some renovation as you can see. The wooden panel wall in the breakfast nook area has to come down. Now we have clean plaster board. It looks much cleaner and I like it. I will have to paint the wall, and re-arrange the furniture when everything is done. I can't wait to have it finished. Life is full of waiting but it's all good.

Hope your Monday is going well.

Julie xx

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oprah is coming to downunder.

Hello ladies and gentleman. How is your weekend going?
My weekend is very quiet. Its early sunday mornin, my family is still in dreamland..
I got this lovely message from one of etsy member.

As you might know, Queen of TV host, Ophra is coming to Australia soon.
My cushion cover is included in kestypes 's list.

Thank you Kestypes.

Julie xx

Monday, September 13, 2010

The winner is..

Finally, we have a winner of Julie & Julie's giveaway. I thank you again "Julie(aka Ruby @ beingruby) for hosting the fabulous giveaway.

Congratulations to Meredy at Lovely blog called " Count it all Joy"

Thank you everyone for the fun giveaway.

Giveaway is so much fun, I will be doing more soon(smile)

Have a wonderful day wherever you are..

Julie xx

Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Friday + Last day to enter giveaway.

My favorite day of the week is Friday. I just like it.
Hope you all have a wonderful Friday, Today is the LAST day of my lovely French Inspired Cushion giveaway, Please make sure to check it out.

Julie xx

image by Me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Special Offer from my Etsy store

Have you participated Julie & Julie's giveaway yet?
Please make sure to check out Julie's (AKA Ruby) Blog
I thought I will do a special "FREE SHIPPING"
for you who purchase my cushion from etsy store during the giveaway priod.
Please check out my store
After you purchase just mention you saw the giveaway post, and leave me a comment on my blog. I don't bite you if you become my follower. (smile) I will refund your postage via paypal. How does that sound?

Julie xxx

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Giveaway post is up..

1st of September, Spring is finally here in Downunder..
Still raining but I can call it " Spring Rain" . Yes.
I have an exciting news to announce..
My lovely blog friend JULIE, yes, JULIE in Sydney is having a giveaway.. I will not go in any detail. Check it out for yourself.

Julie made me this gorgeous banner for my newly open Etsy store.
Thank you Julie.

Have a wonderful day everyone.
Julie xx