Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I am reading.

My hubby came back from his US trip.
I so very much miss subscribing US interior magazines.
The magazines here in downunder is not cheap compare to the ones in US
My hubby picked up a few magazines for me.

Wish you all wonderful weekend!

Julie xx


Leah - The Inside Story said...

Oh so jealous of your magazine stash. I love magazines and they are more expensive now than ever before. Enjoy these Julie and have a lovely weekend!! Leahx

Natasha said...

Oh be still my heart...I just love all of those magazines! I'm so happy to meet another magazine junkie! I subscribe to American magazines as they are so much cheaper than Australian ones. I get BHG, Country Style, Good Housekeeping, House beautiful amongst others and with the exchange rate the way it is it cost me very little. I rang the magazines direct and did it all over the phone.

Thanks for popping over and visiting my blog. It's lovely to meet you!

Best wishes,