Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My New Playground - Studio Space

It's been a while I updated my blog.
I've been busy hunting for the studio space near my home.
I love fabric and upholstery old french chairs. but I can't stand mess around my house anymore.

Big space to make a mess.
I finally got a space, its very very very, I mean very shabby and hole in the wall kind of place but with some characters.
I can't wait to make some serious mess in my new studio space. I have so many ideas how to decorate or make mess in  this space.
Should be a lot of fun.



Fabulously french said...

Wow you lucky girl, what a fabulous find! I am very jealous and look forward to reading all about it :-)

Leeann x

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Julie
Well I am sure you are going to make something fabulous out of this space..

Sorry I took soooo long to pop over.. my head is all over the place at present.. and still trying to fight off this whooping cough.. takes forever to feel normal again.

Hope it's not too cold down there... freezing up here this weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

Exchange 2007 said...

Lucky girl you are!