Saturday, July 23, 2011

Studio Moving Day

Finally, I have moved most of the junk out from my storage and the garage at my house.
Nothing much is going on at the moment. It will take many moons to clean and organize everything.
I finally counted how many chairs I have collected over the year to be upholstered.
Can you guess how many chairs I might have?
Its 50, yes, you hear me correct. Big Five Zero. 50.. grrrrrrrrrrrr
I will have so much fun reuphostering them all.

Here is how my studio look like this afternoon..

Hope you all have a wonderful day wherever you are.

Julie xx


Carole said...

What great pieces you have to work with. Now you have the space you need.


Fabulously french said...

What a fabulous space and a girl can never have too many chairs :-) at least that it what I keep telling myself!

Leeann x

Delana said...

Julie, when you're done with the 50 (50!?!?!), I have a few you can work on. But yours are far more beautiful.