Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally, I did it..

I love to make unique homewares, and especially made with Linen. I've been busy lately with all my ideas.. Finally I did it. I made 9 different designs of French inspired Cushion Covers. I am so very happy how they turned out. I already have an order from Local gift shop who wanted to carry my beautiful cushions..(hooray~~).

Take a look at them .. They are for sale at my etsy store shortly.
Let me know what you think.
what is your favorite ?

Stay tune for my first Giveaway....

Julie xx


Jacqueline said...

Oh Julie,
They are wonderful. I just couldn't pick a favourite, as I love them all. I am so into these cushions at the moment. You have done a great job. XXXX

Cote Provence said...

Love them all!
Bravo.. you are very talented!

Kellie Collis said...

Loving that Paris one! They are all equally gorgeous though! Well done xx

Julie@beingRUBY said...

'come along and listen to.. the lullaby of broadway' ' the hip-hooray and ballyhoo.. the lullaby of broadway'.. hahaha Guess which one I like?

Actually I love them all and could just see them fitting in nicely with Ralph in my bedroom.. hehe

Hey Julie.. great to see you... I've been a little absent with blogging lately as I moved house and my internet doesn't work so well in the new place.. Hope you are well?? Congrats on your Etsy.. I know you will do well.. everything you do is always so special.. Maybe I should post that lovely bag again for another pink saturday.. I love it!!! so well made.. you are a treasure..

Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

Kathleen said...

LOVE these Julie!! xoxo Kathleen

Kathleen said...

Love your creations Julie!
xoxo kathleen