Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photos from France..

Its a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne.
My hubby went to France about a month ago.

He forgot to bring a camera but managed to take some photos with his mobile phone.

I don't know where exactly these places are..but I know one place that is Leeann's Maison 20 in Eymet
Accourding to my hubby Eymet is a beautiful place.

I love this little shop.

Maison 20 in Eymet, SW of France.

Hope all of you are having a wonderful day
wherever you are.

Julie xx

Monday, November 8, 2010

corners of my house

Beautiful Monday in Downunder.
I wanted to show off some photos of my home.
I've been cleaning and re-arranging the furnitures, It's almost done.
Here are some photos for you to view.

Hope you are having a wonderful day

Julie xx

Corner of my living room,
I finally hung the white vitange frame and the small mirror inside.

I like how it look..here

My guest room.

Corner of my craft room.

Out side dining area.

Another outside area

View of opposite area from my living room

My hubby and little one's living room
Yes, I hung the white painting. Looks good, doesn't it?

Opposite my hubby's living room, there is a formal dining room which we don't use much.

Master bedroom.
I hung those gorgeous photos from my dear friend Julie from
Photos look great above the bed.

Corner of the bathroom

My little princess's room

The princess's Desk

Closet space.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Books I am reading..

Last week was my birthday, I thought I will give myself some lovely gifts and
bought all these wonderful books. I am in heaven..
I already finished reading " At my french Table"

Wonderful book by Jane Webster who used to live in Melbourne but bought a grand chateau in Normady.
The book is about how she moved and what her family is doing and
a lot of great recipe for French cuisine.

I will be busy for a while with all these gorgeous books.

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Julie xx

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White dining Table + Living room update

Hope all of you had a wonderful day.
Yesterday was Melbourne Cup day here in Downunder.
We had a crazy weather, one minute raining and the next sun shine.
I cleaned up some more and moving things around my house.

As I am chaning the decor of my house to WHITE theme..

Wanted to show off my white dining table and wardrobe became a display cabinet next to the dining table.

This display cabinet was originally the wardrobe, I took out the doors and painted white to display some of my white vases and etc.

My white living room, I added an arm chair to make it a bit cozy

and vintage suite case for the purpose of side table.

Monday, November 1, 2010

My Cushions are at Victorianna Rose - Melbourne

My French inspired cushion is at Victorianna Rose Shop in Melbourne.
I stopped by today to take some pictures of their beautiful display.
I love how they displayed my cushion.

If you are in Melbourne, You must visit the shop. They have so many gorgeous home decor items for sale.

Just a short posting today.

Have a wonderful day wherever you are

Julie xx

If you are in Melbourne Area, Please visit Victorianna Rose, You won't disappointed.

144A Springfield Road
North Blackburn VIC 3130 Australia
Tel: 03 9878 2922

I love this white Christmas tree, so lovely.

This is my favorite display.
My cushion looks just perfect, don't you think?